Disposable Cigarette Boxes

Disposable Cigarette Boxes

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Custom Size & Style

Custom Size & Style

Dimensions: Available in All Kind of Sizes and Shapes
Printing: CMYK, PMS, No Printing
Paper Stock: 10pt to 28pt (60lb to 400lb) Eco-Friendly Kraft, E-Flute Corrugated, Box Board
Quantities: 100 – 500,000
Coating: Gloss, Matte, Spot UV
Default Process: Die Cutting, Gluing, Scoring, Perforation
Options: Custom Window Cut Out, PVC Sheets, Raised Ink, Gold and Silver Foiling
Proof: We are offering Flat View, 3D Mock-Up and Physical Sampling (On-Demand)
Turn Around Time:  4 to 8 Working Days Required


Get Disposable Cigarette Boxes at a 25 % Discount


Cigarettes have been used since early ages. The highly addictive nature of nicotine makes the person increase its intake and let them smoke consistently. The cigarette manufacturers are increasing rapidly in number and are striving to deliver the finest tobacco. The quality of the product is represented by the package in which it is delivered to the audience. In earlier days the smokers were not aware of measuring the quality of an object through its packaging and cigarette manufacturers were least bothered about improving their packaging styles. 

Having some sort of custom packaging for your cigarettes is very important today. That package when showed to the audience that is the first visual and impression of what your product and your brand are all about. So random cardboard boxes have been replaced with printed customized boxes, 

Custom disposable cigarette boxes we make from the bare minimum and create professional packaging at a modest and a pretty decent budget. The disposble cigarette boxes are presented in a budget-friendly bracket. Feasible price is mandatory for efficient marketing. Amazing discounts are offered in different percentages. 


Wholesale offers Bulk buying is promoted due to its advantageous nature for both manufacturer and the buyer. Production of gross disposable cigarette boxes is leading to the brand for better expansion of the brand. Handling time and printing time are saved by the manufacturer and the buyer is facilitated with discounted prices along with the energy conservation. The already cheap boxes are attained at a further reduced price when bought in bulk. 


  • Eye-Catchy Printing For Visual Representation 


Custom branding adds a really nice touch and we offer the premium branding options like embossing, soft-touch, or spot UV which adds texture and a realistic feel to the box. The gold and silver foiling can be done for the extravagant outlook of the disposable cigarette boxes. Descriptive text about cigarette smoking and its disadvantages is printed on the box in stylish fonts and colors. The box in one solid color is appreciated due to its elegance such as the black charcoal box or white box.

 Box can also be printed in various colors at once with captivating images and visuals on the box. The printing includes the ultimate finish of the disposable cigarette boxes to be made in matte or glossy presentation with the use of the respective lamination sheet. The logo of the company is enhanced in look with ravishing features like embossing, raised ink, and engraving. Motivational quotations can be used to make marketing better. Printing never gets faded or blotched due to the securing by AQ coating. Print designing is done by the experts and the graphic team creates an ideal design for your product in coordination with your needs. Design is approved by providing the client with a template. We do not charge extra under the category of print designing. 


Disposable Cigarette Boxes Products At the Best Price


Packaging companies are charging extra money for each feature and the inflated prices of custom boxes are a big hindrance in the way of presenting the product in better packaging. We care for the brands and their affordability is always taken into account. The disposablecigarette boxes are a game-changer with their perfect portability and user-friendly benefits. 


  • Improvement in Sales With Magnificent Marketing Strategy 


We improve sales for brands with disposable cigarette boxes that have static sales. Branding in a whole new revolutionized manner is helping to dig deeper into the foundation. A thoughtful and individualized box is admired due to its feasibility. The compact boxes fit even in the tighter pockets and can be carried anywhere. Disposble cigarette Boxes can be modified with inserts to keep each cigarette in its place and can have die-cut windows for the audience to allure over the elegance. 


  • Modification of Styles and Designs 


Shape or size can be changed for the different number of cigarettes in sleek and long shapes or square cuboidal packs. Any number of cigarettes can be fit into various shapes and can be customized in mesmerizing forms. We create finely creased and properly aligned boxes with ideal flaps. 

Sizes of the disposable cigarette boxes can be made in different dimensions depending upon the absolute fit for the number of cigarettes per box. The cigarettes can be packaged in tray-style like in sleeve boxes, front tuck double-layered, auto-bottom, reverse tuck, clamshell, or for the extravagant outlook lid and base type. The paper stock, plies, and construction can be changed to a better form. Accessories can be attached to the disposable boxes such as ribbons, stickers, 3D images, and many more. 


The Widest Range Of New Disposable Cigarette Boxes


Packs for cigarettes can be made blank for the brand to market their product with a label. Cigarettes are the trendiest among teenagers and youthful kids. Customers of such age love attractive boxes which they can brag among their friends and can make an impact. Cigarette boxes are offered in a wide range and are letting the brands select the best packaging for your product. 


High-Quality Cigarette Disposable Boxes in Wholesales


For optimal sales and expansion of the business maintenance of standard and quality is important. We use a material that is sturdy and robust and o did not crumble or crush while transfers or during the period of use. The boxes in pockets do not destroy and allow a safe packaging of cigarettes as no one likes crushed cigarettes. The disposable cigarette boxes is manufactured with precision and does not allow the entry of dirt and impurities. Material is moisture-resistant and does not let the cigarettes become moist. 

Boxes assure safe transfer and delivery of cigarettes to its audience with its tobacco being preserved from extreme climatic and temperature conditions. Strength to the boxes is often added by the e-fluted material. 


  • Bio-Degradable Disposable Boxes 


The use of plastic and other wrappings is being swapped by organic materials. Harmful materials for packaging especially plastic are being condemned due to their complex recycling which emits toxic gases depleting the ozone layer. We make disposable cigarette boxes from the material created and processed by softwood greatly such as

  1. Kraft

  2. Cardboard

  3. E- fluted corrugated material

  4. Buxboard

  5. Paper stock

The disposable cigarette boxes are user-friendly and can be made for one-handed use. The boxes are readily thrown after use and do not need complicated recycling. Sustainable boxes are converted into loam by the action of bacteria and other microorganisms. Bio-decomposition takes place in years but replenishes the nutrients of the earth. 


  • Customer Support Team and Web Advertisement 


Web development has led to the access of shopping and deals online. Digital marketing is promoted and encouraged through social media and multiple websites which provide all the data at your home. Energy-efficient deals are done online. For customer facilitation, we have developed a website that is extensive and informative. We regularly update the website and can be accessed online. We provide a quotation for your order according to the specifications mentioned which let the brand make the decision while sitting at their own place and not exhausting any time, fuel, or energy. 

We do not rely on the website only and let the customer communicate with our vigilant team through customer care services. The networking team is working day and night to assist the brands with their inquiries and is making the whole business experience smoother. The efficient team is here to translate your thoughts into custom-tailored boxes individualized for your brand to take a highlighted place in the market with copyrights. 



  • Free Flat Shipment With Fastest Turnaround Services Globally


We offer flat shipment and that is also free of cost anywhere in the world. We take the responsibility of reliable delivery of disposable cigarette boxes in their original form with the fastest turnaround services. Disposable cigarette boxes that reach you in 4-8 working days can be tracked as each consignment is given a tracking ID. Tracking of the order can be done through the networking team. The boxes are super easy for assembly.  We do not charge for delivery and other categories and guarantee the best packaging experience. New customers are attracted and the older clients are retained through the optimum quality. We promise to put our customer first and his satisfaction is our prime goal. Top-notch cigarette disposable boxes according to the requirement are manufactured at PinPackaging.  


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