Cannabis Packaging

Cannabis Packaging

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Custom Size & Style

Custom Size & Style

Dimensions: Available in All Kind of Sizes and Shapes
Printing: CMYK, PMS, No Printing
Paper Stock: 10pt to 28pt (60lb to 400lb) Eco-Friendly Kraft, E-Flute Corrugated, Box Board
Quantities: 100 – 500,000
Coating: Gloss, Matte, Spot UV
Default Process: Die Cutting, Gluing, Scoring, Perforation
Options: Custom Window Cut Out, PVC Sheets, Raised Ink, Gold and Silver Foiling
Proof: We are offering Flat View, 3D Mock-Up and Physical Sampling (On-Demand)
Turn Around Time:  4 to 8 Working Days Required


Premium cannabis packaging for edibles & marijuana


Cannabis is a psychoactive drug that comes from a plant source. Most commonly found in Central Asia. Marijuana is another name for cannabis and it has many beneficial medical and cosmetic uses. It also causes euphoria, relaxation, and an altered state of mind along with numerous other physical effects. There are the harmful effects also like dry mouth, short-term memory loss, and red eyes. Due to its adverse effects, it is not readily available in the market. The available forms vary from vaporizing, tea, smoke, supplements, or capsules. Oils are created to utilize their beneficial properties. 

Cannabis is available in the following forms:

  • Hashish

  • Marijuana

  • Kief

  • Tincture

  • Hash oil

We make the best-designed and safe packaging for the packaging of cannabis in multiple forms. 


  • Quality Specifications:


We make excellent cannabis packaging from premium quality packaging material. The incompetent packaging can lead to damage to the product and its properties. Cannabis due to its short-term sympathetic physiological effects like increased heart rate elevated blood pressure and widen bronchial airways. The highly addictive cannabis needs to be packaged in a secure way not to have any allergic or damaging effect. The cannabis boxes we manufacture are ideal for storing and transferring the marijuana for longer periods of time. The drug is kept dry and the box does not allow the entry of moisture at all. Moist cannabis can lose its chemical properties due to alteration of chemical composition. The box can withstand extreme weight and do not crumble underweight when stacked upon each other. The strength of the box is added through the corrugated material. The cannabis boxes do not get soggy in humid conditions and are potent enough to deliver the product in its original form in extreme climatic conditions. The durable packaging promises the brand better marketing since the audience is well aware of the quality standards and is ready to pay a little extra for the premium presentation. 


  • Eco-Friendly Cannabis Boxes


Cannabis packaging is preferred to be not only safe for the product but also for the environment. The boxes we craft are made from the material that is proven to be safe for the ecosystem and promote the slogan of way to go green earth. The boxes are convenient in use because of their flexible and foldable nature, unlike plastic that is impossible to be discarded by folding. The cannabis boxes after use are wasted and get converted into the nutrients of the earth through the action of bio-decomposers. The simple recycling process takes place over a long period of time but leads to the sustainability of the earth. The cannabis boxes do not contribute to the pollution of the atmosphere and no toxic gases are emitted. 


Top Quality Best Cannabis Packaging


The best cannabis packaging is used for displaying the product. Digital marketing is influencing the customers to buy the product in lavish packaging as the quality of the product goes hand-in-hand with the packaging standards. The excellent packaging styles help the brand to build a name and establish a trademark goal. The ruthless competition in the financial market is forcing the brands to upgrade their packaging standards from plain monotonous boxes to colorful attractive boxes. 

The surge in sales is made possible through the best cannabis packaging. We let you present the product in such captivating boxes that would tempt the customer to buy the product due to the jaw-dropping boxes. The cannabis box is the first impression of the brand and due to its sensitivity in uses and adverse effects, substandard packaging is avoided by the customers. The box should be of excellent finishing and crafting properties so that the product could get the limelight in the marketplace. 


Professionally Made Custom Cannabis Packaging


The custom cannabis packaging is prepared by the professionals. The cannabis boxes is made descriptive with the text and the images printed on it. Printing imparts life in the box and the right selection of color combinations is mandatory for making the box appealing. The color scheme used for printing varies from pastels to vibrant colors in different patterns. The images on the box or the drawings could be coherent with the plants and nature to express the product graphically. Print designing is an artistic work done by our professionals to make the product glow in the eyes of the audience. 

The expert team in collaboration with the brand comes up with the print design free of support. The description on the cannabis boxes in the form of text should be precise and impactful. The transparency of the brand to print the adverse effects on the boxes is morally important. The boxes can have the logo of the brand printed on them with raised ink for prominence. The drawings can be incorporated into the design in a sequential pattern. AQ coating is performed over the printing to make the brand enjoy a long-lasting printing. The UV spot treatment has been introduced to create a realistic effect and texture to the visuals and text. We offer exclusive features like embossing, glossing, and debossing to make the box extravagant. The lavish brands can have silver and gold foiling on the box. 


The custom cannabis packaging can be made in wholesale at discounted rates despite the maintenance of quality. The bulk buying of the boxes is being promoted globally due to their advantageous nature. The handling time and print designing time are conserved for the manufacturer while the buyer is benefited from the low retail price leading to increased profit. 


  • Cannabis as Herbal Therapy


The medically beneficial drug, cannabis is shown to have many benefits. The cannabis boxes should be capable of serving the drug with its properties like its extensive uses in Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Lyme disease, etc. the legalization of marijuana is done due to its countless medical uses. It is widely used for anxiety and as a stress reliever. 

Design your custom cannabis boxes from PinPackaging


  • Promotional Deals and Discounts 


We offer huge discounts and deals along with other facilitating services to make a brand get a stale position in the competitive financial market. The discounts or deals do not affect the standard of the box. Each box is carefully designed and made with utmost perfection. 

The cannabis boxes is individualized by the customized modification for each brand with the copyrights. The box finish can be kept matte or glossy according to the lamination sheet used as per the requirement. The die-cut windows can be made in cute and adorable shapes to brag the beauty of the product from within the box. The cannabis boxes can have beautiful and mesmerizing ribbons and pearls attached to them. The attached handles or straps give the box a chic look. All alterations are controlled by the brand and in such a way the client can get his thoughts translated into a practical box. 

The cannabis boxes are made in various styles to make the product pronounced in the market. the shape and size can be modified as per the preference of the client. The box can be made in various types such as

  • Front tuck double layered

  • Auto-bottom

  • Lid & base type

  • Sleeve box

  • Clamshell box

  • Two-piece

  • Top and bottom box

  • Flip box

  • Straight tuck end box

  • Reverse tuck box

For best information-seeking purposes we have developed an extensive website for the customers to fetch the data regarding the box processing. The specifications of cannabis boxes are communicated through a vigilant networking team. The competent employees in the customer sales representative team are working day and night to assist the client with all types of queries. The team is responsible for the satisfaction of the client. The support team is helping the customers to get an instant quotation for their order. 


  • Free shipping 


We have been facilitating the client with prioritizing the business opportunities for them in all possible ways. We deliver the cannabis packaging safely to the customer anywhere in the world with free delivery. The money and energy spent on the consignment delivery and its reliability can be conserved by the brand. The product can be shipped flat or assembled as the client wants the order to be delivered. The fastest turnaround service is provided to avoid any consequences resulting in the loss of the brand. The shipment ID is given to the customer for tracking the order. 


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